On the night of Saturday 17 June till the next morning we held an "Off the Grid Challenge" to raise funds for ShelterBox Australia.  This meant that our team slept out in the cold that night at the Yass Showground.
We would like to thank our team of Rotarians, family and community members, Scouts and leaders for taking part in our Off the Grid Challenge for ShelterBox Australia - we had an amazing result raising nearly $10000 for the district.
We would like to thank the Yass Show Society Inc. for their support and allowing the Challenge to take part on their campgrounds.
Thank you to Robert Shore DGN, Chair of Rotary District 9705 ShelterBox and wife Judy for making the effort to join us in Yass and bringing along a box to explain and assemble.
Thank you to all those who gave generously- your support is truly appreciated.